Blowing agents

MasterPlast is one of the main producer of blowing masterbatches offering exothermic as well endothermic blowing agents; in both cases, products formulated with synergist and stabilizers to optimize the productivity of our customers. Blowing exothermic additives designed for cross-linked polyethylene foam industry, while endothermic blowing agents designed to give a low expansion to the product such as polypropylene ribbon, non-cross linked polyethylene, pipe insulation to ensure a weight reduction and an increase of volume and flexibility.

Product Application Usage rate*
Plastblow 40-4 PE cross-linked polyethylene foam 40%
Plastblow 60-9 PE cross-linked polyethylene foam 60%

*the dosage are for information only


Flame retardants

MasterPlast’s flame retardant product panel designed to offer solutions in response to the many needs of the market offering solutions for different plastic’s kind. In addition to the normal requirements to lower flammability, the company brought in recent years a particular attention to fumes toxicity, developing products able to decrease the presence of halogen residues without affecting the quality of the flame retardant products.

The range also includes various types of products in order to meet market’s needs as in the case of a request for better film welding capacity for bubble film or film to be sealed, the company has also developed specific products for cross-linked and non-cross-linked polyethylene foam and extruded polystyrene.

Product Application Usage rate*
PlastFlam PE Cross-linked PE 6% (B2) - 18% (CL1)
PlastFlam PEw Cross-linked PE 6% (B2) - 18% (CL1)
PlastFlam PEw LDPE bubble film 8% - 10% (CL1) 10% - 12% (M1)
PlastFlam PEw BF LDPE bubble film 8% - 10% (CL1) 10% - 12% (M1)
PlastFlam PE 64 Non cross-linked PE 4% (B2) - 12% (CL1)
PlastFlam PE 64 LS Non cross-linked PE 4% (B2) - 12% (CL1)
PlastFlam 50 PS Extruded polystyrene 2% - 3% (B2)
PlastFlam 70 PS Extruded polystyrene 1.5% - 2%(B2)
PlastFlam 70 PP Polypropylene 3% - 4% (B2)
PlastFlam 64 Polypropylene 4% (B2)

*the dosage are for information only


Peroxides in EVA o LDPE carrier

MasterPlast is national market largest producer and one of the first European producers of mastered peroxides. Peroxide is a strong free radical source used to cross-link polyethylene and modify MFI of polypropylene. Our products allow an easier dosing and handling; avoiding transport and storage matter.

Product Application Usage rate*
PlastCure 20 PE XPE 20%
PlastCure 40 PE XPE 40%
PlastCure BDB 20 Cable 20%

*the dosage are for information only



MasterPlast offers a range of stabilizers including UV and heat stabilizers, antioxidant and antistatic agents. Light stabilizers in plastics materials leads to a much reduced and significantly delayed loss of optical and/or mechanical properties and allows such plastics articles used in extended outdoor applications. Antioxidants protect polymers against thermo-oxidative degradation. This degradation not only occurs during melt processing but also continues during the life cycle of the final article both at room as well as at elevated temperatures. Antistatic agents used to reduce or eliminate the building-up of static electricity. Their role is to make a material or a surface slightly conductive, by being conductive itself, or by absorbing moisture from the air. The molecules of antistatic agents often have both hydrophilic and hydrophobic areas

Product Application Usage rate*
MasterStab PE XPE 2% - 3%
MasterStab PE IXPE 2% - 3%

*the dosage are for information only



MasterPlast focuses on all problems connected to the use of color masterbatches in plastics. Our deep knowledge of colors allows us to satisfy our customers’ demands offering the exact tones reproduction according to the RAL/PANTONE scale, as well as customized products according to costumer‘s request ensuring to keep unchanged the characteristics of product. For that reason, MasterPlast has developed a range of color masterbatches with TPU and PET base.


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